Managing Payments

It’s important that people get the orthodontic care they need when they need it. We never want finances to be an obstacle to obtaining the beautiful smile you deserve. Orthodontics is an investment for the future… a future of improved dental health and appearance.

*If your Insurance covers orthodontic treatment you will receive the benefit of reduced personal costs, and we can file the necessary papers to the insurance company for you.

*Do you have a flexible spending plan? If so, you can use these pre-tax dollars towards your orthodontic expenses!

Late Arrivals

Things happen! Sometimes our patients are late for appointments.

While we are sympathetic, we cannot, in fairness to our other patients, “cram” late patients into the schedule. If you are late, you are always welcome to wait for an opening in the schedule. Sometimes there may not be an opening until the end of the day, and it may be easier to reschedule your appointment. Talk to a front desk team member to see what works out best for you.