The strength of our office is not only Dr. Garrett’s background and excellence, but the exceptional and professional staff.
Learn a little about each one below and say hi if you see them around town.


Liz - AG Office Manager

Liz – Front Office

Hello, welcome to the “GO” Team. My name is Liz. I must love the field of orthodontics as I have worked in this office for many many years transitioning with Dr Garrett some years ago. The front office is where you will find me. I am happiest when I am sitting with our families sharing and answering questions. After all, your comfort is our primary goal from the minute you call our office. We work as a team with that “family” feel and I love to see the ending orthodontic results of one family member after another…..that picture perfect SMILE!!!

When I am away from the office I enjoy quiet reading time, the fresh air while on a walk, and laughter when visiting with family and friends.

Jane - Chairside Assistant

Jane – Chairside Assistant (OAP)

Hi, I’m Jane, an RDA and chairside assistant with the practice since 1986, which indicates a great place to work and some very nice people to work with.

My interests include gardening, reading, learning new computer projects and spending time with family.

Hailey - Dental Assistant

Hailey – Chairside Assistant (OAP)

Hey friends, I am Hailey! Over the past 8 years I have “climbed up the totem pole” in this office, in high school I was given the best opportunity of my life and was able to start my dental assisting adventure. For a few years my greatest achievement was getting my x-ray license, I can proudly say I now hold a California Orthodontic Assistant Permit (O.A.P). I love my job, I look forward to work each morning, my favorite part is I am constantly learning! Having the privilege of working with new dental technology is incredible, watching our patient’s reactions to how quick and easy some procedures can be is priceless. I enjoy the opportunity to have conversations with new and returning patients, regardless if they are 5 or 70 we typically find something to talk about which makes this office feel more like a family then a job.

When I am not working I attend classes to pursue future goals, I love going to the beach and I enjoy spending time with family and friends!

Kelly - Chairside Assistant

Kelly – Chairside Assistant (OAP)

Hi, my name is Kelly. I have worked in this office since 2015. I love orthodontics because I love to be around people, especially the youth.

I love to travel spend time with my family.

Katie – Chairside Assistant/Back Office

Katie – Chairside Assistant (OAP)/Back Office

Hello, I’m Katie. I’ve had the privilege of working in this office for the past year. I work with patients directly at the chair, order supplies and take X-rays, and I do this in a great working environment with people I thoroughly enjoy.

I love the outdoors and my two dogs.

Amanda – Dental Assistant

Amanda – Back Office Dental Assistant

Hi, my name is Amanda, a dental assistant for over 5 years and recent new addition to the GO Team. I really enjoy the straight and beautiful smiles of our patients when the braces come off.

While away from work, I enjoy spending time with my family.

Veronica – Dental Assistant

Veronica – Dental Assistant

Hi, I’m Veronica and I’ve been a part of this office since 2008 working as a dental assistant.

In my spare time I enjoy serving at my church, singing, and I’m currently finishing up my Bachelors Degree to become an elementary school teacher.